With our Partners at the Mesquite Rodea Arena, we have one range where we hold the 3 Wheel Basic Riding Clinic.  We hold the class portion of each class at the Edge Creek Plaza which is only a few minutes away from our range location at the Mesquite Rodea Arena.

The Classroom is located at the Edge Creek Plaza, which is a 4 story office building on US 80.  The classroom is on the 3rd floor - suite 358C

Fort Worth

Our range and classroom are located at the Ridgmar Mall.  We are able to hold the Basic Rider Course and 3 Wheel Basic Rider Course at this location currently.  Coming soon:  Total Control Intermediate Riding Clinic.

The classroom is located on the second floor, across from the movie theater.

The range is located on the South side of the mall, in the old Nieman Marcus parking lot. Click here for the Google maps pin drop to the range


Our location at the Music City Mall at Vista Ridge is our main location. We have a suite inside the mall on the first floor, right next to Dillards. This is were we conduct the classroom portion of our courses held at the mall. We have two ranges located on the south side of the mall, in the parking lot, same as the lower level of the movie theater. We are able to conduct the the MSF Basic Rider Course, MSF BRC2, Total Control Intermediate Riding Clinic, and Total Control 3 Wheel Basic Riding Clinic at this location.