Experienced Rider Licensing

To get your motorcycle license in Texas, you must complete a safety course. Lone Star Bikers offers 2 different one-day Experienced Rider Licensing courses: Total Control IRC and the MSF BRC2-LW.   Both are approved by Texas as licensing courses. 

If you can ride, don't have a motorcyle, or do have a motorcycle, you can take this class:  BRC2-LW   You can bring your own bike OR borrow a school bike for the BRC2.  You should have the basic skills to operate a motorcycle to take this class.  (Good clutch, throttle and brake control, you should be comfortable operating a motorcycle)

The MSF Basic Rider Course 2 - License Waiver class is a one day course with a 4 hour eCourse that is completed before class.  On your class day, you will complete several range exercises before the riding test.  (eCourse, some classroom). If you bring a bike, it must be registered and insured. 


If you currently own and operate a motorcycle on a regular basis, you can take this class:  IRC - Intermediate Riding Clinic -  You should have ridden at least 2,000 miles in the past 12 months as a general guideline.  You can and will be dismissed with no refund if you do not have the skill to take this class.  If you aren't sure, you probably need the BRC2 or the Basic Rider Course.  You are welcome to call with questions 817-807-1487.

The Total Control Intermediate Riding Clinic is a one day licensing course intended for those who are already experienced riders, owns their own motorcycle, but does not have a motorcycle license. The student is required to provide their own motorcycle with proof of insurance.  There is about 2.5 hours of classroom, a written test, several range exercises and the skill evaluation.  (Classroom, no eCourse)

Prerequisite: This course is for experienced riders only and each rider must pass an entry exercise. The entry exercise consists of being able to start, shift, and stop smoothly. After the stop, the student must be able to make a 90 degree turn. If you are unsuccessful on the entry exercise or don’t feel you are ready for this, then the Basic Rider Course is the one for you. This is an Intermediate Skills Course and it is assumed you have already mastered the basic skills of riding your motorcycle.


Here's the process to register and get your license:

Click on the schedule below and choose the date of class you want.  Fill out the registration online and pay at the end.  You will revieve a confirmation email.  For the BRC2, you will complete an eCourse before class.  For the IRC, you do not have an eCourse.  Your confirmation email will tell you if you have an eCourse or not. Show up to class, on time.  Students meeting evaluation standards receive a completion card.  Make an appointment with DPS and turn in the completion card and they will add your motorcycle license.  For full requirements to obtain your motorcycle endorsement, please visit DPS. Be aware that there is a different requirement for minors to get their endorsement.  DPS appontments are sometimes several months out.  It is suggested that you book the appointment as you book your class, with the appointment date you select being after your class.  Choose "Change/Renewal" when booking your DPS appointment.


For class, the following proper protective gear is REQUIRED:

  • A DOT approved helmet
  • Full fingered gloves
  • Eye protection (face shields, glasses, goggles, sunglasses)
  • Long sleeve shirt or jacket
  • Long pants with no holes (preferably jeans)
  • Boots that completely cover the ankle (Converse Classic or other canvas material shoes are not allowed) No tennis shoes! 


Your motorcycle needs to pass tech inspection. 

Tires  should be in good condition, no flat spots, proper tread depth and pressure.

Front & rear brakes should hold pressure, front brake lever should not reach the grip when fully squeezed.

No leaking oil from engine, transmission, primary or forks.

Check for loose bolts
Chain should be properly adjusted.

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