MSF Advanced Rider Course

The MSF Advanced Rider Course is a one-day course for experienced riders.  This is a Skils Class only, NOT A LICENSE COURSE.

A one-day course that complements your basic skills and helps with personal risk assessment. It includes a fast-paced classroom segment with several fun interactive activities to improve perception and hazard awareness. Range exercises enhance both basic operating skills and crash-avoidance skills. Improving your braking and cornering finesse is emphasized. The course is beneficial for riders on any type of street motorcycle.

Exercises include:

Quick Stops

Curve Adjustments

Curves: Sweepers and Reverse Turns

Decreasing Radius Curves

Multiple Curves & Swerves

Trail braking


For class, proper protective gear is REQUIRED and includes:

  • Street legal motorcycle with proof of insurance and registration
  • DOT approved helmet, which we can supply
  • Full fingered gloves
  • Eye protection (face shields, glasses, goggles, sunglasses)
  • Long sleeve shirt or jacket
  • Long pants with no holes (preferably jeans)
  • Boots that completely cover the ankle (Converse Classic or other canvas material shoes are not allowed) No tennis shoes!