September 1, 2021 UPDATE:

Due to COVID-19, we are amending our policy.   We will reschedule you at no charge for illness.  Please give 24 hours notice. This gives people an opportunity to take the class in your place. 

We do ask that you do give us notice if you decide not to come.  No Shows (without calling ahead) will be treated as No Shows and you must pay for class again.

If you are sick or are close to someone who is sick, please call to reschedule or postpone class.  Any student that shows up ill will be immediately sent home. 

As more cases of COVID-19 begin to appear throughout Texas, Lone Star Bikers believes it is important for everyone to know that we are implementing a few extra precautions to protect the health of our customers and our staff.

1. We will thoroughly sanitize our classroom before each class. This includes wiping down chairs, tables and various other items as well as areas that serve as potential touch points for germs. Each customer will be given a new pen to use in class.

2. We will thoroughly sanitize our loan helmets and wipe down every motorcycle with disinfectant.  Students will be encouraged to use their own helmet if they have one. 

3. Students will be asked to bring their own gloves in addition to the normal gear requirements.    

4.  We will be proactive for the safety of our instructors & customers and ask all of our instructors to stay home if they are feeling ill or has a family member that is ill. Students should also call to reschedule if they are feeling ill.  This will be done at no charge. 

Ensuring the safety and health of all guests and staff is our top priority. Lone Star Bikers is following the suggestions of the federal and state public health guidelines as they are developing with regards to the COVID-19 virus. Our team will continue to monitor the situation and follow-up with customers as needed.


--------- ORIGINAL POLICY-------------

Please ensure that you are available for your selected course. 72-hour advanced notification is required if you cannot attend.  If you cancel/reschedule inside the 72 hours, but before the morning of class, you are subject to a $175 reschedule fee. If you cancel the morning of the class, it will be classified as a did not show and subject to a full cost reschedule.

Special promotional classes are subject to pay the full promotional price, no matter the reason for rescheduling, within 72-hours of the scheduled class.

You must call to reschedule during normal business hours, which are Monday through Friday – 8AM to 5PM. No refunds are issued.

If you attend the course, but are unsuccessful at passing, you can retake the class for $175.

You are subject to a full cost reschedule if you do not show for the class, if you arrive late (after the class has started) or have not completed the eCourse prior to class.

No Refunds are issued. This is because when you sign up, you have already accepted the e-course and the coach pay.