Please ensure that you are available for your selected course. 72-hour advanced notification is required if you cannot attend.  If you cancel/reschedule inside the 72 hours, but before the morning of class, you are subject to a $140 reschedule fee. If you cancel the morning of the class, it will be classified as a did not show and subject to a full cost reschedule.

Special promotional classes are subject to pay the full promotional price, no matter the reason for rescheduling, within 72-hours of the scheduled class.

You must call to reschedule during normal business hours, which are Monday through Friday – 9AM to 6PM. No refunds are issued.

If you attend the course, but are unsuccessful at passing, you can retake the class for $140.

You are subject to a full cost reschedule if you do not show for the class, if you arrive late - after the class has started and are unable to join (DPS Regulation), or have not completed the eCourse prior to class.

No Refunds are issued.