Basic Bike Bonding

Bike Bonding refers to the connection and interaction of the rider and motorcycle. Bike Bonding brings a new level of excitement to our RideCourse offerings.

The MSF Basic Bike Bonding Rider Course (BBBRC) has no classroom and is a partial day riding course designed to provide a low risk, effective, and enjoyable training event for participants just starting their riding endeavors. The course is typically only four to five hours of riding with breaks.

The overall aim of the BBBRC is to help riders develop smooth and precise control as they manipulate primary motorcycle controls and develop their riding procedures and techniques. Good bike bonding helps a rider automate physical skills so they can devote more attention to road and traffic conditions (searching and evaluating). It helps a rider to be a better decision-maker.

To participate you should have successfully completed the MSF Basic Rider Course (BRC) or equivalent, or have sufficient riding skills and experiences to operate a motorcycle with basic proficiency. The BBBRC is a great transition for graduates of the Basic RiderCourse to continue skill development.

Small motorcycle, for the purpose of this course will refer to any motorcycle that is 500cc or under. Training motorcycles range in size from 125cc to 492cc. Lone Star Bikers will provide motorcycles for the course. If you want to ride your motorcycle then you should consider the Ultimate Bike Bonding Rider Course.